Saturday, June 25, 2011


The new blog is in effect!!!

I wanted to have a way to channel my fashion thoughts, before having Cash I would channel them by actually making something...well that's a whole big ordeal now so I want to blog about them to make me feel better! So in the new blog you will still see family posts, but also other things fashion or music or food or just whatever I might want to rattle on about that day! Please become a follower and I hope you enjoy!!! Love you all and miss you even more!! xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

la la la la la

SO SO SO Sorry I have been gone for so long! I've decided to do a blog overhaul!!! I'm sure you all are thinking, "yeah right you never blog now!" Well, the time has come, I feel as if I have lost my fashion sense, and I can no longer blame it on being a "Mom" or still carrying around my baby weight (really it's been 2.5 years), I just need to focus on what my style has become and that I am still COOL!!!

What makes me COOL is not my style, 4 years ago I would say yes that's it, but now I have so much more that contributes to my view of being COOL. My beautiful, all boy of a son thinks I'm COOL, as well as my husband who is always my biggest fan no matter what outfit I have on or how terrible I look without make-up!!

So now that I got that off my chest I will be creating a new blog, geared still about my family but with a little more Fashion inspiration!!! Be on the look out, hopefully I will have it up in the next couple of days!!

For now here are some more recent funny pictures of my Cashy:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

We went to eat at Red Lobster for Julia's (Frank's Mom) birthday. Cashy was obsessed with the huge aquarium and the fish tank, so to avoid any public tantrums we all took turns walking him up to the front. Sad, isn't? I guess that's the life of parent's with a 2 year old! We had a good time either way and we amused the rest of the restaurant in passing back and forth!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dallas Christmas Parade

We went to the Adolphus Christmas Parade in Downtown Dallas a few weeks before Christmas. It gets really crowded so we trooped out there about an hour and a half early. Cashy loved it except for the giant blow-ups getting a little too close for comfort. I'm so glad we did something like that with him, really lifted our Christmas spirits!

Christmas 2010

We had such a great Christmas with our families. We started in Rowlett (that's where Santa came)! Cashy did so good this year, we tried really talking about Christmas, Santa, snowmen, toys, all that good stuff so he would realize what was going on. After Rowlett we traveled to Nonna & Pa's and stayed there Christmas night. Round 2 of gifts proved to be great, once all the gifts were opened we realize this must have been the year of the horse for Cash. We counted all horse related items and it tallied up to 15!!!! Wowee!

We are so fortunate to have such amazing families that have such a close bond. Although I wish mine could be as close as Frank's are, we still feel so blessed to have all of them in our lives!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Pics in Deep Ellum

We finally found a great photographer (, little did I know she was right under my nose all this time. Her kids and Cash go to the same daycare! She met us in Deep Ellum and let us be ourselves while shooting us, we had a blast. Here are some of the highlights!

Halloween Week 2010

We had such fun the week of Halloween! One night Marlee & Blu came over while Leesa had to attend her Halloween Carnival at work, so we let the kids play and eat candy all night!

We wanted Cash to be a pirate for Halloween, because it would not consist of something having to constantly be on his head to pull the whole thing off. He is in a stage where hats are out of the question, and most toddler costumes have soemthing that goes over the head...we didn't think that would work out very long! We got him to wear a pirate hat just long enough for a few pictures!

Great State Fair of Texas & Farmer's Market Fall Festival

After the baptism we took Cash to the Farmer's Market (one of our most favorite places in Dallas) for the Fall Festival. Games, crafts, and snacks he had so much fun! He wasn't ready to go!

Every year since Frank & I have been together we go to The State Fair, even when I had 5 days left before having Cash! So it's sentimental that we go and make more fun memories as a family now! I got Cash on his first ride thinking he would have such a blast, well as soon as the ride got higher, the breakdown began! Screaming, crying, grabbing on to me for dear life....I felt horrible! Once it got lower he was fine, like nothing had ever happened! Poor guy!

Baptism Day

We were a little behind of having Cash baptizied but we finally made it happen. It was very important to Frank that we have him baptizied now (Catholic), so he can begin his life with God on his side. I was not raised that way, but I found it very touching that he felt so strongly about it. It was a great day and I'm so so happy we did it!

Cashy's 2nd Birthday

Our theme this year was Wizard of Oz, he has had an obsession with Oz since Frank's Dad recorded it for him last Thanksgiving. I will say it was not the easiest theme to work with, but I ended up pulling it off somehow! Not too mention I might have been a little bit sad that he was already turning 2!
He had such a good time, and it was a beautiful day outside to top it all off! I got a wonderful surprise that weekend as well, Jodi & Angelique showed up for the party and it meant so much to us! His favorite gifts were his new tricycle from Nonna & Pa and the Talking Buzz from Grandma & Grandpa!